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Hi, I'm MysTiK. I'm obsessed with the Far Cry games and don't know it~
I speedrun Gunman Clive and Katamari Forever sometimes, I'm also on the global Top 100 for Hot Stuff in Katamari Drive mode on KF (even though it's only like 95th). I play way too much Age of Mythology and Plague Inc. Evolved. I like trophy hunting. I'm pretty okay at badminton. I'm way too bad at it to become competitive, but I play Smash. Sumo enthusiast.
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Favorite Game: Katamari Forever
Favorite Cousin: Havana
Second Favorite Cousin: Odeko
Third Favorite Cousin: Drive
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Currently Playing: God of War, Katamari Forever, Super Smash Bros, Plague Inc. Evolved, Far Cry 5 and Tomodachi Life
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Aug 7 2018, 04:15 PM
Recently I've been saving up money to buy a PS2 + Katamari Damacy and We Love Katamari, since I never played the first game and I have a bunch of memories with We Love Katamari. I've also been thinking about maybe just hooking up a PS3 controller to my PC and running Katamari on an emulator. I have enough computer space, and I have all the ROMs.

This also opened up a grander discussion in my mind: is emulation technically illegal? I mean, the company who made Katamari (Namco in this case) doesn't get any money from you playing their game on an emulator. (But I'll save that for another day, as KotW is not really a place for a serious conversation like that, haha.)

Which do you prefer, online emulation or a physical copy of a game? I've always preferred physical; that's why I bought a Gameboy Advance SP just to play Superstar Saga (The GBA + Superstar Saga was only like 15 dollars, woohoo!).
Aug 1 2018, 07:25 PM
So early this morning, on Katamari Drive mode, I got a 00'42"466 in Hot Stuff, which was enough to get me to 95th place on the leaderboards globally. I'll try and record my run in the future and post them here. Will update you on leaderboard progress.
Aug 1 2018, 12:21 PM
Yesterday, I received the trophy for grabbing all of the Presents in KF, and proceeded to beat all the levels with a new cousin and a new accessory. All of them are really cute, but I wanna hear what everybody's favorite present is. Mine is the Mask, cuz it looks cute on Havana =3
Jul 31 2018, 12:51 AM
I've been playing a lot of Katamari Forever to get the platinum (which so far has taken me about 60 hours) and I saw a trophy called Enormous Katamari, where in the level Wake Up the King (or schloss cosmos, whatever) you can go into space and roll up all the stars you've made. An easy way to get extra stars to roll up is to finish all the multiplayer levels. I invited a friend over and we finished all nine of them in about 45 minutes. If you're unaware, the multiplayer of Katamari (at least Katamari Forever) is divided into two sections: Battle and Co-op. Battle mode is where two katamari roll things up separately, knocking into each other until one wins. However, in Co-op mode, two players control one katamari. One player on the left, another on the right. Personally, I think that this co-op mode, while certainly not lazy, definitely could have been improved. If the E3 2019 gods grace us with a new Katamari game, here are a couple bullet points I'd like to see in a new Co-op, fully remade. Keep in mind that this is my opinion, not yours (unless you want it to be!) Please, feel free to offer other ideas.
Alright, so check it:

-Give each player one Katamari

Now this might seem a little strange at first but I think that, when playing with more than two players, each team should have two players, two katamari. The combined diameter of the team goes up against the other team's combined diameter, and the highest one wins. This streamlines the process of working together, and feeds into my next point:

-2-4 player multiplayer

Yeah, it's basically a given. Multiplayer Katamari, at least, in its current state, is kind of boring with just two people. Expand out the capacity of participants and you'll see more purchases because of the multiplayer expansion.

I'm very tired, so I'm stopping here for the night. Will continue tomorrow.
-2-4 player multiplayer cont.

I don't think the current multiplayer system should be scrapped, but I think it would help the game a lot to:

-Refine controls for the 2 player mode

I think that the controls in the current co-op system are a little bit too hard to understand for newer, younger players. Personally, I think they could use a massive overhaul. Instead of one player controlling the left and one on the right, maybe one player can control the steering, and another can jump and dash. Also, (while I do despise the mechanic) at least give players a controller layout screen before jumping into it. It seems like Multiplayer Katamari is marketed only towards people who have played the series before. While I certainly think Katamari should not be a family game (see Mario Parties 1-10), extra features outside of the story help stretch the longevity of the game.

-Multiplayer in Singleplayer levels

If this new Console Katamari game decides to bring back the four game modes from Forever, specifically New, Drive, Eternal, and Classic, I'd definitely like to see a new fifth mode, something like (insert clever name here that I cannot think up), which would allow you to play through almost every single singleplayer level with up to four people. If they decide to add more space levels with gigantic diameters (which I mean, it's not really katamari without a level where you can roll up The King or a literal black hole, I could see them limiting the amount of players to two. But the PS4 can do some pretty great stuff, I don't think it would be too taxing.

-New modes

A couple interesting game mode ideas:
Katamari Chase; 1-3 players chase after a small katamari in a small house or cityscape. The small katamari (let's call him Jim) has to either survive being rolled up for a time limit (60 sec, 120 sec, etc) Jim's katamari is permanently in the Drive state so he moves much faster. He can also roll up a bunch of stuff to get bigger and roll up his attackers, but rolling things up makes easier to find! (Quite a lot like a Mario Party minigame actually.)
1v3 game mode; three small katamari try to rush down a katamari that starts in the diameter above them. For example, let's take the Roboking level Danger for example. The small katamari could start at 100m, while the big katamari starts at 300m. The small katamari could also turn on drive mode in the game settings to make it easier or harder, depending on who they give the boost to. The goal would be to either roll up the big katamari or roll beyond them, get to the final stage of the level (Continent stage, 10,000KM in this case) before them. The big katamari can roll up the other players, but they get dropped back in missing a couple meters after about 5 seconds.

-Other consoles

I'm definitely not Namco so I don't know what their plans are for the Katamari series, but I think that expanding to more consoles could help it sell a lot better. I think that while the Xbox is a bad idea (see Beautiful Katamari on-disc DLC), there could be a lot of innovation opportunities with the Nintendo Switch. For the multiplayer, each player could use one JoyCon and rub one analog stick forwards and backwards to dash.

Anyway, that's all I've got, sorry if it went on for too long. Feel free to offer critique- I'd love to see where this conversation goes.

MysTiK out!
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