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Jul 18 2018, 12:53 AM
If we ever got a new game, would you like a quest system?

For example say there's a typical make a star level. Get 50m. But it comes with three quests. #1: Roll up 30 cats. #2: Reverse up three ramps/hills. #3 Dash 5 times.

If you do them, you get a prize of some sort or maybe points added to your score. I could see doing them all unlocking a different katamari style to roll with. Maybe they could unlock bonus levels or even eternal versions of the levels.

Haunted House Level
#1: Roll up 10 ghosts
#2: Don't let the witch hit you.
#3: Jump into the boiling cauldron.

Zoo Level
#1: Release the zebras.
#2: Roll up all of the park maps.
#3: Save the hippo from danger.

Forest Level
#1: Find the hidden fox den.
#2: Roll up at least one of each tree type.
#3: Find the pirate's parrot.
Jul 17 2018, 09:56 PM

I'm excited for this, looks really polished. Third person view now, multiplayer, lots of stuff improved.

More info:

I really hope the inventory is better. I hope more things stack and I hope you can really expand it more.
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