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 Tap My Katamari - Mini FAQ
 Posted on: Jun 30 2018, 02:49 AM

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Welcome to the Tap My Katamari "Mini" FAQ

Contributors to this FAQ
Reddit Wiki (Presents Section)
Yjk1234 (Builds Section)

About This Game
It's a clicker. What's a clicker you ask? It's a game where the majority of gameplay is you either tapping the screen or clicking a mouse. In this case, it's tapping a screen. This game has very little actual gameplay; clickers are more about management and upgrades. It's an "endless" clicker as well meaning there is no real end to the game. Upgrades and unlocks and "restarts" are what keep the game fresh in a sense. The game is currently available on both iOS and Android. The app does have In-App-Purchases (IAP) in the form of using real money to buy a premium currency called Candy. Candy can also be earned in-game through clicking the King and completion of tasks. You don't actually have to buy any IAP's, the game can be played completely free.

It appears that Tap My Katamari is compatible with most iPhones and iPads, but it has been known to lag on some older devices. iPhone 4 is not supported. The Android version is apparently compatible with Android 4.3 and above.

How Progression Works
The Prince is yet again tasked with rolling a Katamari. This time endlessly. As you tap the screen, you roll a distance. Each level has a set required distance, shown in the blue bar at the top of the screen. The faster you tap, the faster it goes down. Each Stage is broken up into 10 sub-bits. Stage 1-0, Stage 1-1, Stage 1-2, etc. The tenth bit of every stage is a time attack stage. An orange bar will appear beneath the blue bar. Finish the level before the orange timer runs out and you advance to the next stage. 2-1 for example.

You also pick up Coins when you roll things up. Coins are your upgrade currency for the Prince, his abilities and Normal Cousins.

Green Prince Heads are the power of the Prince, how far he rolls per tap. Orange Cousin Heads are the power of the cousins, how far they roll per second. Green Prince and Orange Cousin combined is a multiplier that increases both of them.

After you reach a Prince level of 600, you can exchange your Katamari for a Star. This essentially resets your game, keeping some previously earned/bought bonuses intact, keeping your Presents and Special Cousins intact, and earning you more stars for buying more Presents.

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The Prince
The Prince icon is where you level up the Prince. Tapping consecutively on the upgrade button or simply holding it down will bring up a mini menu to either upgrade max which is all available levels that your coins will let you or all available levels to the next even number, ie 10 or 100. The Prince section is broken up into four sections:

Charge 'n' Roll
Charges the Katamari with an X Green Prince multiplier per Tap.
(Magnetic Heart doesn't do it automatically.)
Unlocked at Prince level 100.
Cooldown 10 minutes.

Magnetic Heart
Automatic X Multiplier Green Prince per Sec. Very useful.
Unlocked at Prince level 300.
Cooldown 30 minutes.

Coin Soul
Get X multiplier coins per Tap. Very useful!!
(Magnetic Heart doesn't do it automatically.)
Unlocked at Prince level 500.
Cooldown 1 hour.

Make A Star
Exchange your Katamari for X Stars.
Resets most progress, but awards important upgrade stars for future katamaris.
Unlocked at Prince level 600.

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The Cousins
Cousins act as offline players. When you're not playing the game, they'll play for you. The more you upgrade them, the better they'll obviously be. The cousins are broken down into two groups. Normal Cousins and Special Cousins. Normal cousins can be unlocked and upgraded using coins. Special Cousins can only be unlocked and upgraded using candy. As of July 2016 there are five Special Cousins. Normal Cousins are unlocked in a specific order while Special Cousins are random. Special Cousins are also special in that you'll keep them, their levels, and their Mojos, even after you make your next Star. But Special Cousins won't add to your Cousin power per second.

The below table has the Normal Cousins in the order of unlock and the Special Cousins in alphabetical order.

Normal Cousins
Special Cousins

Cousins have Mojos, also known as perks. Mojo's are unlocked at Cousin level's 10/50/100/200/400/800/1600/2000. Normal Cousins' are rolled randomly for each run (IE, before you Make a Star and start over), but Special Cousins' Mojo's stay intact. Mojo's have ranks in the form of Roman Numerals I, II, III, IV, V, and VI. The higher the numeral, the better the Mojo. Mojo's can be swapped out for both Normal and Special cousins but be warned, it costs candy to do so and it's random. When you spend Candy to swap Mojo's, you always get a new one of about the same rank, never lower but occasionally higher, but still it is unwise to swap Normal Cousins' Mojo's unless you're very advanced. Instead, Special Cousins are a great place to spend your Candy. The more Special Cousins you buy, the higher the price goes up.

Here is the list of Mojo's and what they do:

(X is the variable number dependent in the rank of the Mojo)
(Green Princes are the Prince's rolling power per tap, Orange Princes are the Cousins' rolling power per second, and Green and Orange Princes together are a multiplier that increases both.)

Increase Green Princes during Challenges by X %.

Increases Green Princes by X % of Orange Princes.

Increase Green and Orange Princes by X %.

Increases Critical Bonus by X %.

Increase Green Princes by X %.

Increase this Cousins Orange Princes by X %.

Increases the King's Treasure by X %.

Increase coins from objects by X %.

Increases Critical Chance by X %.

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The Presents
Presents add perks to your game in a similar manner that Mojo's add perks to cousins. The presents can be upgraded using the Stars you get from Making a Star. The below list is the level 1 base starting point for each present.

If you tap on a Present that you have, you will be given the option to "return" it. If you return it, you lose the Present and gain upgrade Stars, but it costs Candy.

Source for the following table comes from here:

(This table was current as of about June 2016. The numbers get tweaked sometimes, and new Presents may be added.)

Name Effect 1 Inc/Level Effect 2 Inc/Level Max Level
Cow Bell 10% Object Coins Dropped 5%/Level Increase All Power by 50% 20%/Level 1000
Base Ball Cap 10% Time Attack Duration 10%/Level Increase All Power by 25% 20%/Level 25
Coin Purse 2% Reduced Upgrade Cost 2%/Level Increase All Power by 30% 25%/Level 30
Royal Crown 20% King Treasure 10%/Level Increase All Power by 30% 15%/Level 1000
Tennis Racket 2% Faster King Spawn 2%/Level Increase All Power by 100% 10%/Level 25
Furry Dice 2% Object Distance Reduction 2%/Level Increase All Power by 40% 20%/Level 25
Unicorn Horn 2% Critical Chance 2%/Level Increase All Power by 50% 30%/Level 25
Lucky Penny 5% Coin Soul Power 5%/Level Increase All Power by 60% 20%/Level 50
Sumo Wrestling Suit 2% Tap Damage 2%Increase All Power by 80% 25%/Level 1000
Golden Egg 5% All Coins 5%/Level Increase All Power by 50% 20%/Level 1000
Champion's Belt 20% Critical Damage 20%/Level Increase All Power by 60% 25%/Level 1000
Cow Bear 5% Present All Damage 5%/Level Increase All Power by 20% 10%/Level 1000
Chef's Hat 100% Super Object Coins 100%/Level Increase All Power by 60% 20%/Level 1000
White Guitar 5% Bonus Star Tokens 5%/Level Increase All Power by 30% 15%/Level 1000
Giant Squid 5% Magnetic Heart Power 5%/Level Increase All Power by 50% 15%/Level 25
Camera -10% Object Per Stage 100%/Level Increase All Power by 200% 100%/Level 5
Hero Scarf 10% Bonus Passive Coins 10%/Level Increase All Power by 40% 15%/Level 1000
Headphones 10% Reduced Present Upgrade Cost 2%/Level Increase All Power by 80% 10%/Level 20
Aviator Sunglasses 10% Reduced Present Purchase Cost 2%/Level Increase All Power by 50% 25%/Level 20
Squirrel Nut 0.2% Cousin Cheer to Tap Power 0.2%/Level Increase All Power by 100% 25%/Level 1000

Update to the Presents Section: The Cosmos

In the cosmos section of the Presents menu, there are five legendary presents. They cost stars, lots of stars, to purchase though you don't need to have all the stars at once. You can add stars to the total any time you want.

Regal Cloak
Cost 3,000 Stars
Start on Stage 45
+575% Bonus Green and Orange Cousins

Lunar Flower
10,000 Stars
+30% Special Cousin Mojo
+1150% Bonus Green and Orange Cousins

Royal Sceptre
Cost: 15,000 Stars
+50% Mushroom Power
+1725 Bonus Green and Orange Cousins

Grandfather's Mask
Cost: 26,000 Stars
+1% Green and Orange Cousins per Star Spent
+345-% Bonus Green and Orange Cousins

Golden Boxing Gloves
Cost: 30,000 Stars
+5% Object coins per tap
+1150% Bonus Green and Orange Cousins

user posted image
The Mushroom
The Mushroom offers mostly candy purchases.

Coin Fever
Watch a video to earn 2x more coins for four hours.

Royal Mushroom
Get X amount of coins instantly for a cost of 50 Candy.

Money Mushroom
3x coins for four hours for a cost of 50 Candy.

Puff Mushroom
3x Green Prince for 4 hours for a cost of 50 Candy.

Friendly Mushroom
2x Orange Cousin for 4 hours for a cost of 50 Candy.

Time Mushroom
Reset all Prince Abilities for a cost of 15 Candy.

Lazy Mushroom
Automatic 14x multiplier Green Prince per Sec for a cost of 10 Candy.
Updated to X amount of Taos per second for 1 minute for 10 candy.

Cosmic Mushroom
Instantly generate 25 Stars for a cost of 500 Candy.
Updated to X amount of stars instant generated for 40 candy.

user posted image
The Shopping Cart
This menu lets you use real money to buy candy. Current prices listed below are in US Dollar.

$1.99 for 200 Candy
Grow Your Katamari Faster!

$4.99 for 550 Candy
Get 10% More Candy!

$9.99 for 1200 Candy
Get 20% More Candy!

$19.99 for 2600 Candy
Get 30% More Candy!

$49.99 for 7000 Candy
Get 40% More Candy!

Daily Tasks
Daily Challenges award varying amounts of candy upon completion of the task. Tasks range from earning a certain amount of coins to rolling a certain amount of levels, or even having the King appear a certain number of times. Once a task is completed, a new task will arrive in that slot in eight hours.

The King
The King of All Cosmos sometimes pops in and offers Coin or Candy bonuses. Sometimes he just gives you a smaller reward. Other times he offers a video ad, which you can watch in exchange for a larger reward or refuse to watch.

The Coin rewards can be increased with the Regal Mojo. The Candy rewards can be increased only with the Royal Crown present.


Cousin Power ICall 6 Cousins to Help the Prince.5 pts
Cousin Power IICall 12 Cousins to help the Prince.10 pts
Cousin Power IIICall 18 Cousins to help the Prince.15 pts
Cousin Power IVCall 24 Cousins to help the Prince.25 pts
Cousin Power VCall 30 Cousins to help the Prince.45 pts
Star Power ICreate 1 Star Token.5 pts
Star Power IICreate 20 Star Token.10 pts
Star Power IIICreate 250 Star Token.15 pts
Star Power IVCreate 5,000 Star Token.25 pts
Star Power VCreate 100,000 Star Token45 pts
Prince Mastery IReach Prince level 200.5 pts
Prince Mastery IIReach Prince level 500.10 pts
Prince Mastery IIIReach Prince level 1,200.15 pts
Prince Mastery IVReach Prince level 2,000.25 pts
Prince Mastery VReach Prince level 3,000.45 pts
Tap Power IAchieve a base Tap Power of 30,000.5 pts
Tap Power IIAchieve a base Tap Power of 150,000,000.10 pts
Tap Power IIIAchieve a base Tap Power of 20.0aa.15 pts
Tap Power IVAchieve a base Tap Power of 1.5ff.25 pts
Tap Power VAchieve a base Tap Power of 5.0pp.45 pts
Present Power ICollect 1 Present.5 pts
Present Power IICollect 3 Present.10 pts
Present Power IIICollect 7 Present.15 pts
Present Power IVCollect 12 Present.25 pts
Present Power VCollect 20 Present.45 pts
Power Tap ITap over 10,000,000,000 Power.5 pts
Power Tap IITap over 100.0bb Power.10 pts
Power Tap IIITap over 10.0ii Power.15 pts
Power Tap IVTap over 100.0vv Power.25 pts
Power Tap VTap over 1E+160 Power.45 pts
Treasure Hunter ICollect 500,000 Coins.5 pts
Treasure Hunter IICollect 500.0bb Coins.10 pts
Treasure Hunter IIICollect 50.0gg Coins.15 pts
Treasure Hunter IVCollect 5.0nn Coins.25 pts
Treasure Hunter VCollect 50.0yy Coins.45 pts
Cousin Mastery IAchieve a total Cousin level of 1,000.5 pts
Cousin Mastery IIAchieve a total Cousin level of 10,000.10 pts
Cousin Mastery IIIAchieve a total Cousin level of 25,000.15 pts
Cousin Mastery IVAchieve a total Cousin level of 45,000.25 pts
Cousin Mastery VAchieve a total Cousin level of 60,000.45 pts
Katamari King IGrow the Katamari to 500m.5 pts
Katamari King IIGrow the Katamari to 5,000m.10 pts
Katamari King IIIGrow the Katamari to 10,000,000,000m.15 pts
Katamari King IV Grow the Katamari to 1E+50m.25 pts
Katamari King VGrow the Katamari to 1E+100m.45 pts
TMK Champion IPlay TMK at least 1 day.5 pts
TMK Champion IIPlay TMK at least 3 days.10 pts
TMK Champion IIIPlay TMK at least 7days.15 pts
TMK Champion IVPlay TMK at least 15 days.25 pts
TMK Champion VPlay TMK at least 30 days.45 pts

Tips and Tricks

- Don't worry about making mistakes. This game is a marathon, not a sprint. You'll recover from your mistakes.

- You may spend real money to make things easier if you'd like, but if you'd rather you can play and fully enjoy this game without spending money.

- Always tap the King when he appears. Sometimes he will offer a jar of candy via watching an ad. It's usually 10 pieces if the ad is watched. Sometimes he'll offer two pieces just for tapping on him. Either way, make sure you tap on him so you can earn whatever bonus it is he's offering.

- When rerolling a Mojo for 5 Candy, it usually stays the same rank, it sometimes increases by one, and it never decreases, it seems. (But it never goes above VI.)

- When you purchase a Present, the one you get is random. Different people have different opinions on what's the best Present.

- You can actually return a Present. Tap on its name. It costs Candy, and you get returned all the upgrade stars you spent to buy and upgrade it. But if you return a Present that isn't the most recent one you bought, there will be a net loss in upgrade stars out of the deal. Returning a Present will reduce your Present inventory by 1, so the cost of the next one will decrease accordingly. You can eventually re-purchase the Present you returned.

- When you reach Prince level 600 you can make a Star. When you do, be aware that all your progress on that katamari will be lost. But in exchange, you start over with quite a few upgrade stars, which you should spend on buying and upgrading Presents. If you do, then your next katamari will go more easily than the last, and it may make sense to roll the next katamari farther than the last, before you make your next Star.

- Just before you make a Star, buy as many meaningless levels for all of your normal Cousins as you can easily afford. That way you'll get a few more present-buying upgrade stars when you make a Star. And if you haven't been keeping the Prince well-leveled, level the Prince too!! Give the Prince as many levels as you can before making a Star, in that case.

- Your progress becomes slowest the first time through in the Prince level 400-500 range, up until you win the Coin Soul power. But trust me, if you can stick with it, the Coin Soul power helps!! Then progress becomes easier again.

- For the very first run, you can consider using the gold bonus (Royal Mushroom) when it starts to slow down (~Prince level 400). It will save you 12-24 hours of idling.

- You start receiving upgrade stars at round 50, and at every multiple of 10 after that. You may reach Prince level 600 just before you get to round 100. If you are ready to make a Star but you are just about to reach another multiple of 10 round, stick around long enough to hit that next multiple-of-10 round for the extra Star.

- Soon after you start, a good place to put your Candy is into buying Special Cousins. Special Cousins remain totally intact (levels and Mojos) even after making a Star. Then, when you're advanced it's a good idea to reroll Special Cousins' lower-rank Mojos. Rerolling never lowers a Mojo's rank but sometimes ups it by one. And if you'd like you can also reroll Special Cousins' higher-rank Mojos to the specific Mojo types you want for your play style.

- If you level a Cousin far enough, you receive the option to Love the Cousin. It is a huge upgrade to that Cousin's power stat. If that Cousin has a decent Powerful Mojo or two, then they may be well worth leveling for a little while after that Cousin is ready to level up to their Love upgrade.

- Starting with Ryu or Kunihiro or even Dipp if you want, I think it makes sense to take one of a normal Cousin's Mojos (after you unlocked it) and reroll it, trying for Powerful. Maybe even more than one if you're advanced enough in the game. Especially if one of their first Mojos is already an IV or a V or a VI. (But it may end up costing a lot of Candy ...)

- There is apparently a limit to the number of ads the game will allow you to watch for bonuses within a period of time. By the next morning, the limit will have reset and you can watch ads again.


- If you buy new Cousins when you can afford it, and upgrade Cousins to their next Mojo when you can afford it, and keep leveling up the Prince too (when you're not advanced), you should be fine. Buy and upgrade the Prince abilities when you unlock them too.

- But a lot of advanced players like to change things up! Like say if you want to tap more or if you want to idle more and let the Cousins do the work. Or it may even work to prioritize critical hits or King-given Coins or something.

You can change the ratio of Coins you're spending on the Prince versus the Cousins. You can prioritize specific Mojo(s) for Special Cousins. (But don't change normal Cousins' Mojos unless you're extremely advanced, giving Powerful to your most powerful Cousin or something.) You can even try to prioritize Presents that support your favorite play style. (But the order of Presents received is random.)

- When you're far enough into one run (high enough stage number and enough normal Cousin Mojos), it probably makes sense to stop leveling the Prince. Definitely get him to at least level 500 though; maybe at least 600 so you can check how many upgrade stars you'd get if you made a Star. And definitely level him as much as you can just before making a Star, to earn extra upgrade stars. (Then give all the Cousins all the levels you can easily afford too, for the same reason.)

Yjk1234 provided great help when it comes to an active, heavy tapping build:

Thanks for letting me do this, Yjk1234.

This advice only helps if you have already advanced far into the game.

There are parts of this that I failed to proofread.

Guide for playing with an active-tapping build, without spending money on IAP
[Would probably also help if you do use IAP]
Submitted by Yjk1234
(proofread by slowbro)

I have a level 3 sqiurrel nut, but I'm not sure that it effects this much.  (I don't have camera or white guitar.)

And i didnt spend any money. These tips are for active tappers who do not use cash.

Fast way to make a star:

After making a star, try to level the Prince to 500. Buy cousins who cost just under 1% of your coins or 0.1% cost of stage.  Do the same for getting normal cousins' mojos.

When you can get Nickel, stop leveling up the Prince.  Upgrade Nickel to level 10 instead.  Then get the next cousin and level him up.  If the gap between cousins is too big, level the latest cousin to 50. (If Powerful (Strength) is the first or second mojo, it's not bad to get it. But just your most recent cousin. Others' Powerful is trash.)

After buying Dipp, try leveling him up to 50, and check if he has Powerful.

If he has no Powerful, check the very first two Cousins, Nik and Foomin.

If they have no Powerful or Dipp has Powerful, level up Dipp.

If Nik or Foomin has Powerful, love-upgrade and level up that cousin.  Then try to get Kunihiro.

After Kunihiro, round 300 is a chance to make a star. After you get the royal crown, you could spend 50 candies in round 330 to get Ryu.  But after Ryu, you need to start changing mojos of normal cousins (the newest one you've got).  And getting stars from 500 candies. (The royal crown gives you candies.) Before you get Ryu, you need to get quite a few presents.

After you get Ryu, you need to watch candy ads.

Changing mojo tips

First try to give Powerful to your most recent cousin. Then find out 5 level gold or regal mojo to change. [sorry I didn't understand that last part -- Tom slowbro]

- Mojo levels never downgrade.

- Powerful is the best mojo for your most recent cousin.

Then find out your build.  (these are just tapper builds, not passive)

The first build requires the most candy.  Try to change all mojos to Magical 30% on6level.

Second build, try to get the two Criticals mojos, the 2% and the 35% buff. [Did I get that right?]  But it need the Critical percent mojo. Less buffed but costs less candy.

Third build - 2 critical mojos + Magical 4th 2crits Magical Energetic

Also Brave (40% buff) for rank.

Tips when making the Star

The Prince level affects stars received greatly. (In ss costs 4level per 1 star) Before making the star, level up the Prince (just before making a star.)  Level him up as much as you can at that point.  And in my case, i try to level up other cousins to use 1object coins of recently stage.

If anyone knows any more specifics about builds, or wants to correct me, feel free to help!

(Anybody who helps will be given credit.)

user posted image

Reddit Q&A
(Also feel free to ask us questions here. )
(The official subreddit also has a helpful guide wiki!)

Actually, the subreddit has a much better Q&A than this one:

Making Stars/Optimizing number of upgrade stars

When should I make a Star?  How can I get the most upgrade Stars received when I do?

- The first time through, I think it makes sense to make a Star soon after you reach Prince level 600 and gain the ability.

- After that, sticking it out longer before you make a Star really does improve how many you'll receive, more so than you might think, but it's really your choice how far you want to push each time.

- When you are about to make a Star, give all your Cousins as many meaningless levels as you can easily afford. If you weren't keeping the Prince leveled, definitely level him too!

- After making the Star, spend upgrade stars on buying and upgrading Presents! Upgrade stars don't do anything if you don't use them.

- Apparently the White Guitar also increases the amount of Stars you receive (a Present).

- Starting at stage 50, you also receive an upgrade star every 10 stages as you play.

Cloud Save

Is there a cloud save method?

- If you link your game to your facebook account, you can cloud save.

Not getting Coins while offline

Yesterday I was able to get coins while offline from the cousins, but all day I haven't gotten any. I've restarted the app multiple times. Anyone else having this problem?

- You would only get Coins if enough time passed to roll up an item.

- But it appears this may be a glitch for some players. It may help some people to take the game out of Android memory when done, then fully start it up again when coming back.

King appears during a Magnetic Heart or Coin Soul power-up

I become incredibly frustrated when I use Magnetic Heart or Coin Soul and the King appears with a reward that requires me to watch a video. I am frustrated because when I click to watch the video the game doesn't pause, so the abilities' timer continues to countdown while I am watching the video.

- I usually resist tapping him until the last second.

- I typically only start Coin Soul after I get one of the 10s coin bonuses from the King; that way I can double up and not have to worry about missing out on the ability.


How can I turn off notifications (or turn them on)?

- iOS: Settings - Go way down the left list to your apps and find this one. There's a photos option and a notifications option; not sure what the photos option is about.

- Android: Settings - Apps - find this app - Then there's a checkmark near the top of the screen to uncheck or check.

- As of July 2016, there is no way to turn off individual kinds of notifications but leave some on.

Most valuable and upgrade-worthy Presents

What do you think is the most valuable present that should also be upgraded more than the others and why?

- I'd say that the camera and white guitar make two very good first presents. After that it may be open to what kind of play style you like. If you're looking to idle more, the hero scarf. If you want to tap more the champion belt and the sumo suit.

- if you have multiple presents already Cow Bear is a great one to upgrade as it boosts the power of all other presents. I'm torn on the sumo suit, it's just so expensive to upgrade...

Increases in King rewards

How do I increase the Candy and Coin rewards the King gives me when he shows up?

- Candies from the King only increase with the present Royal Crown.

- Coins from the King increase with the Regal Mojo, and quite possibly a Present.

What's the time attack reward?

Try as I might, I've watched closely at the end of many a completed Time Attack Challenge and every time, I'm not noticing anything happening aside from cheers. What's the reward for completing these?

- The time attack is the stage's "boss". Completing it means you can go on to the next stage.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome/repetitive motion wrist issues

I can't get past 50-10 and my carpal tunnel is acting up. Won't be playing this game much longer if there's not some kind of work around for the time challenges. Anyone have any suggestions aside from buying a brand new cousin every time? Any tapping methods to tap faster with less fatigue? Seems like such a silly question to ask...

- This is not silly at all! The Magnetic Heart ability makes it a lot better at Prince level 300. But then the Coin Soul ability at level 500 makes it worse.

- You can just idle the game for a day or so and come back to a wack load of coins. You can then use these coins to progress fairly quickly for 10 or so stages. Rinse and repeat. There is also a cheap Lazy Mushroom, an auto-tap option in the Mushroom menu. Lasts for 1 minute per use.

- It may help to have the device resting on a surface, and tap with multiple fingers, and use both hands (either separately or at the same time).

Tell me about the music!

Music ...

- As of July 2016, Tap My Katamari's music consists of two instrumental tracks and two remixes of classic katamari tunes. The Katamari on the Swing remix is sung by Katelyn Isaacson, arranged by Jeremy Lim. The Lonely Rolling Star remix is sung by Jillian Aversa, arranged by Andrew Aversa. It is possible that more classic katamari music may be added in the future.

Thank you to the people who have asked and answered these and other questions. Both the askers and the answerers have aided in the creation of this FAQ.

White Shining Diamond

Meet the Cousins

large images and a video

Official Tap My Katamari artwork

large image

large image

large image

large image

large image

An official trailer

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